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What is BitVelocity?

BitVelocity provides tokenized platform services for Security Token Offerings (STOs) on a global stock exchange. We aim to become an alternative to investments banks, giving companies and startups a cost-effective way to get access to global financing.

Why you should choose BitVelocity


Instant Funding

On BitVelocity, you can instantly deposit your funds without any hassle during any time of the day.

DDOS Protection

24-hours Approval

There is no hour of the day and no day of the week when your investments cannot be approved.


Easy Application

We strive to make sure that our application process is as easy as it can be for investors.

Problems We Solve

BitVelocity strives to solve problems raised by institutional, centeralized paradigm with the cryptocurrency investing paradigm, and is seeking partnerships with digital financial platforms and security, compliance, and risk-management service providers to work with the concerns of institutional investors, on its path to reinvent capital markets and giving an alternative to wallstreet for the first time—developed in accordance with most countries of the world.

Types of Tokenization Platforms


ICO Token

ICO tokens are utility tokens that are built as a way to raise funds. These tokens can be build upon any blockchain platform such as Hyperledger, EOS or stellar.

DDOS Protection

Security Token

These tokens are regulated and are bound by federal law and securities. They derive their value from external, tradable assets. These tokens can be built on existing blockchain, or can also be built on a custom-made blockchain platform.


Asset Tokenization

Backed up by real world assets such as real estate, gold, or art, anything can be converted into tokens. The token either live on existing blockchain or on tailor-made blockchain platform.

Assets That Can Be Tokenized

Tokenization is a modern way of securing assets with blockchain. We can tokenize almost anything




Equity Crowdfunding

Real Estate

Real Estate


For Financial Technology Startups

We partner up with Fintech companies for STO only after assessing their business with due diligence.


For Established Companies

We provide our tokenization service for established companies that are looking to go public through Initial Public Offering (IPO).

How Tokenization For Real Estate Works


Automated Investment

BitVelocity provides investors to create their own shares and bonds and instantly raise money through an investment platform that uses automated, smart contract algorithms. In future, we expect to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence features in our platform.

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