Digital Asset Exchange Headquatered in UK

BitVelocity is a secure, real-time, social, cryptocurrency trading solution for digital assets. BitTrade will be our the first commercial product targeted to be launched by Q2 2019 in production. Based on our smart proprietary trading system using Artificial Intelligence to analyze critical data and predict market trends.

Our Mission

Innovate solutions using blockchain technology that can solve real world problems for humans by offering easy access to digital assets, reduce cost and effort for startups and established institution’s to raise capital in tokenized economy.

Why BitVelocity?



Diligently designed, highly secure cryptocurrency framework to prevent any network hack.

Offline Storage

Offline Storage

Offline Storage of 95% assets to ensure peace of mind to investors and traders

Offline Storage

Multisig Wallet

Enhanced security by multisignature wallet to promote decentralization in exchange.



Bringing digital tokenization of real world assets in for of STOs

Offline Storage

AI Forecast

AI to forecast market trends, algorithms based on fundamentals and technical

TA Tools

TA Tools

Market standard TA tools available for all the listed assets.

Start Saving Money Today

  • Saving cost of fiat conversion from GBP, Euro and USD. Buying digital assets directly from local fiat currency (initially to be launched in UK, then Europe and finally US and Asia).
  • As low as 0.49% on buy/sell spreads for trades on internal exchange
  • Upto 90% savings on buying/selling fee on trades compared to market.

Our Team

Our team is a collection of people who are working day in, day out to make a product that lives up to not only the expectations of its users, but also to their own expectations. It's a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, recruited by the founder of the company to work in tandem to build his promising platform in the light of his vision.

Core Team

Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh

Founder & CEO

Fahad Sheikh is a technology evangelist and a serial entrepreneur who has built successful startups previously, has run 3 development studios in 3 different cities at a given time, an investor, a technology consultant and someone who believes in solving real world problems using technology.


David Watkin

Team Lead 

David has proven track record of leading successful teams using agile methodologies for fortune 500 companies. He believes in saving cost for development by focusing on quality of development instead of quantity.


Dinah Kolka

Sales & Marketing Officer

Dinah is our Sales and Marketing Officer with a background in digital and social media marketing. She currently studies media and communication and intends to progress further in marketing sector.

Development Team

Jamil Farooq

Jamil Farooq

Senior Javascript Server Developer who likes to work on the whole spectrum of development. Working as a core team member at BitVelocity, he delivers scalable, secure and reliable solutions for our platform. Inaam finds interesting ways of online payments for cryptocurrency, and wants to see cryptos into mainstream.
Shoaib Khalid

Shoaib Khalid

Junior Full Stack Developer who, before joining the BitVelocity team, developed smart contracts for Etherem Network. He loves to work with modern technologies and tools to provide solutions that are effective and reliable.