Blockchain in Real Estate

Investors who bought Bitcoin and Ethereum at early stages are now sitting on big fortunes and are actively looking to convert these fortunes into tangible assets. Many times buyers want to purchase a real estate from cryptos however sellers are mostly declining as they are not certain how the transaction will work out, and how will they get the real liquidity from their asset sale. This is where BitVelocity will act as a liquidity provider—acting as a middleman in such cases.

All Roads Lead to Blockchain

Purchasing Real Estate with Crypto

The beauty of such solution is that seller will be paid in Fiat currency of their choice (USD, Euro, GBP), hence avoiding cryptocurrency volatility risks, and both buyer or seller or even estate agents will not have to fear losing any deal since seller will be able to seal the deal without having to deal with cryptocurrency in the process. In such cases, we receive the cryptocurrency from buyer, perform liquidity at our end and send fiat to the seller. Actual amount sellers and buyers will also have an option to do the transaction in small tranches in order to gain more trust of all parties/ This way all parties get to keep the deal, seller is happy, buyer is happy, hence we are happy.

Security and Transparency

Blockchain based property offer Ecosystem In both commercial and residential real estate market, there is a serious lack of transparency that ultimately defines the sold price. While both sellers and property agents claim that already have real offers higher than the offers made by sellers, they get out-priced by hype created by market players. With blockchain technology, we will place real offers onto the blockchain, hence open to public for validation. Using the pattern and trend recognition algo, we will eliminate the bad players, resulting a transparent and honest bidding system for property market making more stable and realistic sale price for each property.

Data for Everyone

Bidding data and its history will be available to public for future deals. This is in particular very useful in commercial and corporate properties when high worth deals are done well in time before the property gets to the real public.

BitVelocity as Liquidity Provider

Acting as Liquidity provider for both buyers and sellers. We believe in solutions that not only bring disruption but also are compatible with existing system. For both buyers and sellers just want to convert their digital assets into cryptos or convert the fiat funds into cryptos after the sale we would act as a conversion platform. Both buyers and sellers can receive the funds in the currency of their choice (GBP, Euro, USD) with fraction of conversation fees.